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SPECIALISED CARE: Scarless Mole Removal

Scare-Less Mole Removal - Radio Frequency (RF) Technology

Improve your appearance with little to no bruising or scarring.

What is Radio Frequency (RF) Surgery?

RF Surgery is the passage of high-frequency radio waves into soft tissue for the purpose of making very fine and precise surgical incisions. The predictable punctures made by RF Surgery mean minimal or no scarring, quicker healing and immediate improvement in your appearance.

The RF Surgical Experience 

This can be undertaken here at Warrina Medical Centre. A topical anaesthesia is often used and depending on the procedure being performed, may sometimes take only a few minutes. The results are excellent and consistent, with minimal bruising, swelling, scarring or other complications. It is gentle and effective. Recovery time is minimal.

Am I a good candidate for RF Surgery?

If you have unsightly moles or raised lesions, facial vessels, drooping eyelids or unwanted bags under your eyes, you could be a potential candidate for RF Surgery. 

Ask Us today for more details on how RF Surgery can benefit you, and Improve your appearance.